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Archival Feedback (Emile Milgrim, T. Wheeler Castillo) are artists based in Miami, FL. Engaged in various critical dialogues of the moment, the environment is approached as a studio in the field, accessing the landscape through the soundscape. AF’s working experimental practice integrates wide-ranging field studies with art and art history, charting the environment, and exploring place through a holistic framework. Transmitting the experience of the landscape through various media, along with the craft of audio electronics, these integrate the elemental environment with the concerns of conservation and possibilities of the technology. The fieldwork is framed through media, to be distributed and experienced through encounter and immersion, using sound as an exercise for deeper listening. AF has produced a growing archive of media and collaborative projects that heighten the acoustical experience of the environment.

Archival Feedback’s inaugural project consisted of collecting field recordings over 2 years. A selection of these recordings and reinterpretations by other sound artists were arranged and pressed to vinyl and presented with a collection of prints. In 2015, Archival Feedback released their first project under experimental Miami-based label Other Electricities. Contributing sound artists include Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, io.ko (Elegua Records), Fsik Huvnx (Other Electricities), Dim Past (Other Electricities), Jared McKay (Coral Morphologic), and Ortrotasce. V/A - Archival Feedback was funded in-part by a generous grant from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The artists have participated in Artist In Residence In the Everglades (AIRIE) in February 2016, featured on UNTITLED Radio and Poetry Press Week during O, Miami Festival in collaboration with poet Annik Adey-Babinski. In 2017, the artists have been featured in exhibitions and programming by the Perez Art Museum Miami, A.I.R.I.E., HistoryMiami, and The Deering Estate.

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